Teleprompter Zoom App

PitchHub's Zoom App allows you to leverage a teleprompter during Live Webinar, Zoom meetings or just to record a video message for a prospect, customer or perhaps give a company update.

Because it is part of the Zoom experience, the audience and recordings will NOT see the teleprompter, when you record or share screen.

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“Speaking engagements are one of the ways that I do get new clients. So I've got two more coming up. They're both webinars, and I'm not the least bit stressed about it, because I'm typing up my script and I'm going to copy and paste it right into my PitchHub and I'm not worried. .”

Cindy Mark

Speaker, Certified Trainer, Consultant & Founder at BenchMark Practice Management Consulting


Adjust text and speed and more, to match your preferences


Bookmark to save & restore your position in the text


The teleprompter is hidden during screen share


Record yourself using Zoom's recording feature

Fully Featured Teleprompter Studio

There are settings for:

  • scroll speed
  • font size
  • guide position
  • delaying the start of scroll
  • text width

And actions for:

  • Jumping to the top
  • storing & recalling a bookmark

Getting Started

  • Please see this help page for a full set of information on getting started and uninstalling
  • Click here to view the app landing page in the Zoom App Marketplace