Get the most out of PitchHub with our complimentary partner companies and services!

Reincubate - Camo App

Camo turns your iPhone and Android into a high-quality web camera, which can be used for PitchHub Studio recordings. Compatabity Note: Mac-Safari does not support virtual cameras, Android in beta phase


Promotion Code: PITCH20 (a 20% discount)


WikiRealty sets up an online marketing strategy which combines local-area content with ad re-targeting. Several of PitchHub customers use their content to produce video updates for real estate professionals. Mention us when you contact them.


Brick House Media Co

On-site video production, multimedia strategy and full-scope marketing services by our established trusted partner. Since 2013, BH Media has been supporting bold business owners, thought leaders and innovative startup companies. For Bay Area folks, video production and on-site meetings are available. Mention us when you contact them:


(831) 824-4321


Descript has tools for transcript-based editing, which is highly useful for editing converting interviews and webinars into bite-size sections that can be used for smaller, social media posts